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Quality Policy

Research Laboratory Services Pty Ltd is committed to supplying high quality services that are
accurate, on time, and to the customers' requirements.

Through the implementation of procedures, maintenance of staff and all necessary resources,
Research Laboratory Services Pty Ltd provides a framework for ongoing establishment and review
of quality objectives with particular emphasis on defect prevention, customer satisfaction, and
continual improvement.

The staff of Research Laboratory Services Pty Ltd are fully aware of the Quality Policy and are
committed to achieving its objectives.

The Quality Management Representative assists in training employees and contractors to perform
their tasks accurately and efficiently with the objectivity of producing results “right first time”.

Subscriptions to water journals, memberships to water associations, and attendance at
conferences and laboratories around the world ensure our staff are familiar with the current best
international practice for the tests we provide. We dedicate ourselves to the liaison with other
scientists within the field of water treatment analysis to ensure good ideas are shared and our
knowledge (of laboratory techniques and water treatment processes) are up to date and

Customer satisfaction is our intention and through annual participation in proficiency trials (where
possible) and ensuring appropriate controls are applied to all analysis runs we can provide our
customers with the best possible service.

Our “open door” policy with our clients ensures that there is helpful discussion and interpretation of the results to provide data that is meaningful to them.

We also strive to assist the scientific community as a whole by regularly reporting our findings on
the local and international stage through conference participation and publications.

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