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Our People

Peta Thiel – Managing Director

Peta is a qualified Chemist graduating with a BSc (Chemistry). After working as a Chemist at an advanced water treatment plant in Queensland she developed specialist skills and experience in conventional water treatment processes and advanced technologies specifically activated carbon (powdered activated carbon and biological activated carbon) and ozonation.

Soon after leaving the water treatment plant, Peta started Research Laboratory Services as a consulting company that set up and managed the QA lab and provided technical support for a large activated carbon company. This provided Peta with further background in activated carbon and the opportunity to examine many plants around Australia and the world.

Peta is also only one of three people in Australia that has been trained in Paris in the Joret method for biodegradable dissolved organic carbon (BDOC) analysis. This training along with the intimate knowledge and understanding of what BDOC means to water treatment plants within Australia, ensures that your BDOC results come with data interpretation that is relevant to you.

With a background in water treatment plant operation and optimisation, as well as strict adherence to ISO quality procedures, Peta is the best person to write your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Quality Procedures for your water treatment plant.

With many great references throughout Australia including WA Water Corp, Seqwater, Activated Carbon Technologies, Melbourne Water and Veolia Water you know you can trust Research Laboratory Services.

Adrian Knight

Adrian commenced working with RLS in 2017 as a Research Officer. Adrian has completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical, Hons) and Bachelor of Arts, and has over 10 years of experience working with solid-liquid systems, process analysis and water recycling and reuse.

Working with organisations such as Veolia Water, Melbourne Water, TasWater and the WaterSecure, Adrian has been involved with water and waste water treatment investigations to optimise process performance and treated water quality. Adrian was part of the project team for the Advanced Water Treatment Plant (AWTP), a novel process which utilised ozonation, microfiltration, BAC filtration, RO, UV and chlorination to produce potable water directly from secondary waste water effluent. With a waste stream which is suitable for discharge in pristine waters, the AWTP process is scheduled for implementation across Australian research bases in Antarctica.

Adrian has extensive experience with preparing, writing and editing peer reviewed scientific papers across a range of disciplines, and has conducted detailed data analysis and literature reviews for a range of water treatment processes, particularly in the area of biological filtration.

Adrian is an enthusiastic and methodical researcher, and is excited to develop and implement sustainable water treatment solutions for our clients.

Ellen Cannata

Ellen commenced working with us in 2015 as our Principal Laboratory Manager. With a Bachelor of Science and a Graduate Diploma in Education, Ellen has combined her love of science and education, bringing a wealth of knowledge to her work.

Working as Clinical/Medical Scientist both here in Melbourne and in the UK, Ellen has extensive experience in molecular biology, in addition to standard microbiological and chemical laboratory techniques.

Ellen is a passionate scientist and an enthusiastic, self-motivated person who keeps our Melbourne lab running smoothly. Her research interest is the isolation and culturing of bacteria from BAC filters.

Catherine Smith

Cat commenced working with us in late 2014 as a Research Assistant. With a recently completed Bachelor of Biomedical Science and continuing study in an Honours Degree in Psychology, Cat has been able to conduct all the literature reviews for our developing research projects.

Cat is a thorough researcher who enjoys any challenges presented to her. With strong work ethic and an excellent ability to meet deadlines she ensures that Research Laboratory Services is aware of the latest research in our fields of expertise.

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