Activated Carbon Filter for Hire
Hydrogen Sulphide Breakthrough Capacity
BDOC Analysis
AOC Analysis
BAC Aging Profiles
Activated carbon performance testing
Water treatment plant optimisation

Laboratory Capabilities

Research Laboratory Services runs two Laboratories:

  • A QA carbon testing laboratory in Perth, Western Australia.
  • An applications and water testing laboratory in Melbourne, Victoria

The Perth Laboratory runs all activated carbon tests in accordance with ASTM.

  • Iodine number
  • Ash content
  • Moisture content
  • Ball Pan Hardness
  • Appenent density
  • Water & Acid soluble Ash content
  • Particle size (GAC)
  • Particle size by laser defractomer (PAC)
  • Volatile Content

The Melbourne Laboratory conducts specialist water testing and application studies with the following equipment:

  • ICP for metals determination
  • TOC Analyser for BDOC, DOC and TOC determination.
  • Microbiological laboratory for AOC analysis
  • H2S Rig for Hydrogen Sulfide breakthrough determination.
  • Water Testing equipment.

Price List available on request.

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